Hand-held Blender Masterpro Foodies

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If you are looking for household appliances at the best prices, don't miss the Hand-held Blender Masterpro Foodies and a wide selection of small household appliances!
  • Characteristics:
    • Non-stick
    • Modern and ergonomic design
    • Easy to clean
    • Detachable
  • Power: 800 W
  • Material: Stainless steel

The hand blender is part of Masterpro's Foodie collection and is a must-have in every home chef's kitchen. Having a food processor mixer can make all the difference when it comes to practicality, speed and efficiency. Hand blenders are characterised by being fast for food processing or for the preparation of mixtures with perfect finishes. All this thanks to the stainless steel blade that not only avoids damaging the products it processes, but also has a speed that results in well-processed food or well-diluted mixtures. The hand blender set includes the blender beaker, the blender and the chopper, making it a complete package to get you started in the world of professional cooking. The blender has a power of 800 watts, which increases processing efficiency. In addition, more satisfying results are obtained in a shorter time. In addition, the speed control helps to regulate the blending power to avoid damaging food or mixtures. Thanks to its stainless steel leg, stability is maintained while whisking, avoiding spills or movements of the glass due to the force of the mixer. Likewise, this leg can be disassembled and cleaned, avoiding the storage of residues that could damage the utensil or the food that is processed in it. The state-of-the-art technology of the blender makes it visually appealing for any kitchen, and thanks to its practical size, it does not take up much space in a traditional kitchen. One of the most outstanding advantages of the hand blender is that it has an ergonomic handle that easily adapts to the anatomy of the hand, avoiding discomfort or pain when you need to blend for a long time or with a lot of power. The speed control and easy-access panels also make it easier to blend all types of food. The design of the blender and the practicality of its ergonomic handle make it easy to handle by anyone, regardless of their knowledge in the world of cooking.


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