Intelligent Design - Virtual Stores

Utilise every inch of space, from pillars to empty walls, turn any area into an affordable interactive advertisement system which behaves like a virtual supermarket shelf.

The virtual store blends clicks and bricks, bringing together our love of browsing with the convenience 
of online shopping.

Interactive Advertising + Virtual Shopping!

- Fusion Republic Team


Android | iPhone | iPad | Windows | Firefox | Chrome Store and HTML5 Webapp
Interactive Applications would be built to act as a mobile commerce portal for ecommerce stores. These cross-platform apps would support QR code scanning, one button check-out, window shopping and a search of products in stock.
These appilcations can go on further to include BMI calculators, age predictions based on drinking and smoking habbits, calorie counters etc. to increase the uptake of the apps on smartphones by mobile-savvy users.
With companies like eBay reporting over 200% increase on mobile-only sales year on year, virtual stores would not only create an ecommerce store's Mobile website + App, but also go one step further and interact with its customers.

Virtual Shelves

Virtual Shelves lcoated in Universities | Malls | Train Stations | Virtualised Shops Shoppers can choose from 100 products by scanning the barcode of a particular product image with their smartphone after downloading the app and the item is placed in their online shopping cart.
Once customers have paid, the items are immediately delivered to their home or made available for pick up at their store at no extra charge.
Outdoor Advertising can get lost in the noise. A virtual store has the ability to generate curiosity and its interactivity enables customer acquisition along with leaving a brand imprint.
This strategy would further benefit the retargetting of online shoppers, whose confidence in shopping with your store would be reinforced.

Sample Plans

Location | Delivery | Benefits | Ideas There may be an opportunity to trial this project initialliy in a University. Agreeing a deal with a student union would be an easy start with lower cost of advertising, whilst opening the idea up to thousands of university students.
A selection of products tailored to student living and health could be used on the virtual shelves with options of delivering to halls, lockers or homes.
A free-standing touch screen unit would be installed at the selected location, allowing ordering through both Smart Phone Apps and online websites.
This would present a good PR stunt, along with the piloting of virtual pharmacies for universities nationwide.

Funding Solutions

Collaborative Joint Ventures Virtualised stores require high visibility Ad-spaces. These cost money, however joint ventures with major brands like Glaxo, Smith Kline, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble could enable the micro-selling of each product in the virtual shelf. These prominant brands would pay to have their products on our virtual shelves in an effort to create a partnership funded project.

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