Advertising The bread and Butter stuff!

Our work is designed to get you noticed by the right people. In an increasingly crowded communications environment, it is vital that you have a clear message and strategy to cut through the clutter and get you the results you want.

Analysis Go in with an Informed Decision

One of the most critical sections of your business plan is your product, brand, IT analysis. We work on your problems and provide a broken down report on what needs to be fixed and how to do achieve it!

Billboard/Outdoor No easier way to get noticed!

We work with major city councils and locations to strategically place creative billboard advertisements around some excellent locations at great prices!

Brochures We do that too

Our bespoke brochures give your customers something they can touch, feel, take away and cherish.

Branding / Identity Done the correct way!

A brand is not a logo. And it is definitely not a website or a brochure. Nope, a brand is a voice, a tone, a way of behaving, an attitude, a message. Our designers understand this, and will work with you to create a brand identity and collateral that effectively communicates your brand to your target audience.

Content Mgt Systems Giving you control!

Content Management systems allow you to keep your website updated. We prefer to build completely bespoke systems for our clients, ensuring that you get the exact control over your website's content that you need.

Email Marketing Effective and a must!

Our email marketing system is powerful and accountable. It allows us to send out fully bespoke branded emails for you, and then gathers valuable information about their success and click through rates. It is also possible for you to generate your own email marketing through our system.

Exhibition Displays Building you rocks our socks

If you've ever been to a good exhibition, you'll know that an effective display needs to be much more than a couple of large format posters. We understand that the whole environment needs to be considered to communicate the overall aim of your exhibition.

Illustration Better than just words!

Illustration has no limits. So, whatever the scenario or message you need to communicate we can provide slick, fun or high impact digital and traditional illustration for your product or service.

Marketing There is nothing we cant achieve!

Our creative minds have a true passion for making your business successful, when clients come to us, it is our job to think outside the box and deliver a better return on investment whilst building long term strategic campaigns.

Mobile Apps We definitely do this too!

Fusion Republic brings you the most innovative solutions anf products to easily create apps & quality mobile version for your website!

Product & Packaging Creative minds = Creative designs!

We understand that retail is perhaps the most challenging marketplace. With crowded markets and time-poor consumers, products and packaging have to work harder than ever before to capture attention and inspire the consumer. That's where we can help you to stand out from the crowd.

Design Optimisation Get noticed without trying too hard!

A website is nothing without its trust factor. We improve designs that help you make your website more friendly and easy to use, help you get all the accreditations you might require..

Simplification There is beauty in simplicity!

We keep things simple and relevant! Our client base and excellent reputation is steadily growing, and we have completed a large number of projects ranging from small start-ups to national brand promotion.

Social Media Think different in a new world!

Not just a flash in the pan. Social Media is a hugely powerful tool, and when used in the right way it can shift attitudes, gain attention for your brand, and ultimately sell. FusionRepublic Africa can push your campaign across the web and then carefully measure its success.

Stationery, Flyers, Invitations, Teasers and Mailers Very nice indeed!

Despite the digital revolution, print will still work very hard for you when thought through and designed properly. Whether it's a flyer, a bespoke invitation, direct mail, or letterheads and business cards, we'll provide tactile, eye-catching print that will hold your audience's attention.

Web Design From the best in the game!

Whether you're looking for a simple brochure website or a fully featured online shopping cart system, we can meet your demands, and help you to identify your needs.

Web Videos We are experts at Virality

Getting streaming online video on your web site is a must. Not only does it look and sound great. It helps modern web users to instantly engage with your brand and message in a highly impactful way.

We are awesome because we think different...

"Create your own visual style, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others."

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