Outdoor and Billboard Advertising

We have over 20 Years experience in all types of Billboard advertising, we work on a cohabitative partnership with some of the biggest advertisers and benefit from bulk buying discounts.

About our Program!

We book Billboard advertising for large businesses, no matter how big the requirements, we can do what you want.
We book Billboards for small businesses, no matter if it's just a "one off" or a small campaign.
We provide advertising for Charities, and other institutions that need help and advice.
We also book advertising for Local Authorities, often providing better costs.
Get in touch and use our Billboard advertising experience that has been gained over 20 Years.

Any Billboard. Anywhere. Worldwide

- Fusion Republic Team

We do all Billboard advertising all over the World

  • Advertising on a standard 48 sheet Billboards
  • Multi Vision 48 sheet Billboards usually have 3 faces that turn, creating movement and therefore impact!
  • Back Lit 48 sheet Billboards
  • Scrolling 48 sheet Billboard advertising is usually back lit and scroll's up and down, creating movement, creating interest and creating impact
  • 96 Sheet billboard advertising
  • Back Lit 96 Sheet Billboard advertising
  • Directional Billboard's.
  • We do all Digital Billboard advertising.
  • Engaging Creativity gives you better value for your money!

    Delivering engaged consumers in airports, railway stations, shopping malls, supermarkets and out and about on the UK's road network, our media plays multiple audience targeting roles, efficiently and effectively.

    Our out-of-home options can work as a business channel, a newspaper, a TV screen or a glossy magazine; they can launch a product, tell a story, persuade people to purchase and keep consumers outdoors updated in real time.

    Not only can we provide a portfolio that is unbeatable in its diversity and reach, but our quality of thinking means that we can put it to work in smart and distinctive ways, making timely connections between advertisers and their audiences.

    Above all, we want to help create advertising that delivers results, and collaborate closely with advertisers to achieve this goal, ensuring our relationships are more like partnerships, so that we can be proud to be the outstanding out-of-home media partner.

    Our Passion!

    Fusion Republic enables brands to meet and engage with people when they're out and about. Our expertise, gained over 20 years, means we understand how to showcase powerful and effective campaigns through our investment in the highest quality sites, new technologies and the latest planning tools. Our partnerships with advertisers, agencies, local authorities, major multiples, shopping malls and major landlords have created a national network of 60,000 sites that reaches people in the public social space, drives footfall and generates word of mouth.

    In our work with more than 300 local authorities in Africa, Asia and Europe, we are constantly striving to support the communities we are present in. Our out-of-home contracts have been designed to give benefits to those communities through substantial investment. We ensure that all of our street furniture products combine clean, modern design with the bespoke, practical needs of each local authority. Fusion Republic and its partners also absorbs all maintenance costs in relation to our street furniture negating the need for councils to pass any such costs on to residents.

    Get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss your advertising plans. Our Pricing structures are fully bespoke and tailored to your campaigns.