Built on PHP and MySQL, a system that has driven revenues of over $30 million per annum.

This is a Complete Solution for Ecommerce companies aspiring for full automation of their eRetail Stores.
Central is a SaaS (Software As A Service) software.

About the Program

The sheer automation with on demand information and control makes this product one of the most complete Ecommerce 
Channel and Business management solutions in the market!
The only complete solution for Ebay and Amazon sellers with a full business management module giving you absolute
automation and control over your business!
You can plug in any channel, whitelabel service or marketplace to automate the process and begin driving volumes
through complex price matching algorithms.

Our system gives you the edge in online business, it is so successful that we will only provide it to a select number of businesses in different sectors for ethical reasons of avoiding cross competition.

- Fusion Republic Team

Total Webstore and Sales Channel Management + Automation

A system that gives you complete control and automation of your Webstore and other Sales Channels like Amazon, Ebay, Tesco, Play.com, Rakutten, Asos etc.. Central, a Software as a service is an "on-demand software", a delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud. SaaS is typically accessed by users using a thin client via a web browser.

Central has become a common delivery model for many business applications, including:
- accounting,
- collaboration,
- customer relationship management (CRM),
- management information systems (MIS),
- enterprise resource planning (ERP),
- invoicing,
- human resource management (HRM),
- content management (CM) and
- service desk management.

It can be incorporated into the strategy of all leading enterprise software companies. One of the biggest selling points for these companies is the potential to reduce IT support costs by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance and support to Fusion Republic.

Here are just some of the amazing things Central can do!

  • Centralised Order Management from all sources like Amazon and Ebay
  • Automatic Stock updates from suppliers and to channels like Amazon & Ebay through API
  • Order Manager - See fraud results, related orders & emails, stock status, admin notes, order status etc.
  • Complete Staff management, logging of productivity e.g. emails done, orders placed, parcels dispatched.
  • Automatic Invoice printing with custom whitelabe invoices.
  • Automated parcel dispatch scanning system to increase speed of dispatch.
  • Automatic Product scanning systems that match up items to orders and lead to instant invoice printing from picking queues.
  • On demand Balance sheets.
  • Integrated inhouse Accounts system for managing company car mileage, expenses, invoices giving on demand Reports
  • Profit & Loss Analyses giving on demand business performance after taking into account commissions, shipping, costs and tax.
  • Integration with Amazon, Ebay, Play.com, Rakuten, Asos etc.
  • Automated Price Matching with similar ASINs on Amazon and other affiliates on Webgains + Channel Advisor
  • Supplier Management including default profits, shipping lead times etc.
  • Operations management including Cribb sheets, delivery logger, automatic product reordering if not picked in time or out of stock.
  • Automatic integration with supplier ERP systems and websites, upload a daily order in one batch without human intervention.
  • In house Mail management system, with spam control, customised automated responses and mail linked to existing orders for easy response.
  • Deterrant Tracking systems in place to allow customers to track their orders whilst in transit and reduce false claims.
  • Sales forecasts and performance
  • Staff Holiday planner and automatic holiday approval/disapproval
  • Various email reports giving you a birds eye view of your performance on the previous day.
  • A Complete Dashboard including a windrose graph of your customers ordering pattern on a 24hr clock.
  • Trading metrics and performance advising you of the daily and monthly performance giving you detailed control on your performance.
  • Integrated Stock Manager for warehouse with Expiry date control
  • Product Replenishment manager giving you a timelined view of sales and trend
  • Inhouse admin-to-staff communication manager, with legally binding online signatures of approval for policy changes.
  • A staff reward/violation system which is point driven, allowing for monitoring of targets and productivity along with unauthoirsed sick days and pass/failing of spot checks.
  • Staff Employee of the month scripts rewarding and recognising talent which is peer driven.
  • Integration with your social media channels and automatic posting to Facebook and Twitter.
  • CCTV integration allowing admin staff to montitor warehouse cameras around the world.
  • A web based system built on the cloud allowing complete accessibility with security protocols wordwide.
  • Pricing

    Package Modules Support Pricing
    Silver Webstore+Channel Integration
    Order Management
    Operations Management
    Stock Management
    Low Level $3000/month
    Gold Webstore+Channel Integration
    Mail System
    Order Management
    Operations Management
    Staff management
    Stock Management
    Accounting Modules
    Medium Level $5000/month
    Platinum All High Level $8000/month
    Uranium All Dedicated Web Team $200/hr + $10,000 installation
    Our Prices are negotiable depending on the work involved, however we have an ethical anti-competition policy and we ensure our customers do not compete in similar market sectors as each other whilst using Central!

    Get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss how Central could help make your business productive, efficient and grow your sales! Our Pricing structures are fully bespoke and tailored to your requirements.